About us


How it started

Hardwood Shavings was started by a step father and son in a tiny garage who decided that they could make good, quality, handmade shaving products. After their search for uncommon woods proved fruitless they decided to take the challenge upon themselves to create individual brushes, razors, soaps, and other shaving products. After extensive R&D with not only a plethora of woods but also, a wide variety of soap recipes we have narrowed our processes and formulations. Here we present to you Hardwood Shavings.

With gratitude and our best wishes, 

Hardwood Shavings

Our vision

 Our vision is to provide quality shaving products to everyone. Shaving is not meant to be a chore, it is a part of your routine that allows for indulgences and a bit of pampering.  We will be a vector for the shaving community. Together, we are creating a place where people can come to discuss as well as learn about the wide wide world of shaving. To that aim our product line and website will continue to advance. Please join us on this journey.