We would like to thank our customers that attended our first event (even before our website launched)! From time-to-time, we will be attending fairs and festivals to meet members of the shaving community(we would love if that included you) to give an opportunity to see, smell, and purchase first hand our products. Share with us your shaving needs, desires, favorites. We also do custom orders and a great way to commission work is to join us. This year we are excited to participate in the Retro festival the 29-30 of July, in Lancaster, PA.

Our Brush Knots.

A Grade Badger                               

- Darker in color.

- Firmer for a badger

- 68mm high

-20.5mm base 


AAA Grade Badger

- Whiteish band for added style

- Marginally softer then A grade.

- 68mm high

- 20.5mm base

Best Badger

- Mostly white with blackish band

- Softer top then A and AAA grade

- 68mm high

- 20.5mm base


Silver tip badger

- Highest quality badger knot.

- Softest top

- Most distinct pattern

- 68mm high

- 20.5mm base


Boars hair

- Very firm, great for exfoliating. 

- All white

- 22-24mm base

- 65mm high


A quick word

Thank you for taking the time from your life, to join ours. We are grateful for your attention. We put forth the best effort we are able to create different styled pieces, using woods from all over the world, to give you the best shave.

Our soaps are hand crafted from a generations old recipe, ok, maybe not generations, only a few months old. I keep messing with it, trying to make it better. The current formula includes Tallow, Coconut, Castor, Stearic Acid, Water and fragrance/essential oils. It's the best soap I have ever shaved with, and it's going to keep getting better.  

Thank you, again, from everyone at Hardwood Shavings.