Our Brush Knots.

A Grade Badger                               

- Darker in color.

- Firmer for a badger

- 68mm high

-20.5mm base 


AAA Grade Badger

- Whiteish band for added style

- Marginally softer then A grade.

- 68mm high

- 20.5mm base

Best Badger

- Mostly white with blackish band

- Softer top then A and AAA grade

- 68mm high

- 20.5mm base


Silver tip badger

- Highest quality badger knot.

- Softest top

- Most distinct pattern

- 68mm high

- 20.5mm base


Boars hair

- Very firm, great for exfoliating. 

- All white

- 22-24mm base

- 65mm high